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Spy Hidden Pen Camera and Recorder

Model: LCS-DVR06B

•  High-Definition 720 x 480 Video
•  Capture high-quality video & audio, and still photo
•  Built-in Rechargeable High Performance Lithium-Ion
•  Support max. 8GB external Memory
•  Fully-featured and easy-to-Use

•  Still Image Mode: JPEG
•  Still Image Size: 3:2
•  Video Format: AVI
•  Video Mode: 720x480
•  Dual Record: Yes (Video & Audio); Solo Still Image
•  Battery Type: Internal High Performance Li-Ion Polymer
•  Date & Time Stamp: Yes
•  Storage Capacity: Support 2GB/4GB/8GB external memory
•  Microphone: Internal microphone
•  USB Ports: Hi-Speed USB 2.0

Pen Camera and Recorder
USB Connection Cable
User Instructions

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